A Digital Media Plan for Infinitea & Beyond

To:                  Mr. BOB BASIL, Kwantlen Polytechnic University Professor
                        Mr. SAJID DESAI, Infinitea & Beyond Co-Founder

From:              Mss. Jenelle Hameluck            100212631
                        Mr. Chad Kobzey                   100198826     
                        Mr. Tyler Teiszen                    100213073

Subject:          Digital Media Marketing Plan

Date:               December 8, 2012

Dear Sajid,

A comprehensive plan has been created in order to help you continue your company, Infinitea & Beyond after the BBA in Marketing Management Practicum has been completed. We have conducted careful research and analysis and from that created a one year action plan that has been broken down into segments to make it easy for Infinitea & Beyond to implement. The action plan was as follows:

January 2013 to March 2013

  • Launch additional social platforms on
    • Pinterest
    • YouTube
    • Effectively manage the social media platforms
      • Hootsuite

April 2013 to June 2013

  • Start a blog to communicate with consumers
    • WordPress
    • Maximize presence at community events
      • Foursquare

July 2013 December 2013

  • Continue to adapt to digital changes in the marketplace.
  • Use free analytic tools to measure the effectiveness of the implemented changes.
  • Maximize the use of Twitter

By following this plan we know Infinitea & Beyond will become a great success in the future.


Jenelle Hameluck, Chad Kobzey, Tyler Teiszen












Infinitea & Beyond is a “healthy tea, beverage & snack shop that provides customers with premium products that are fair-trade, organic, gluten-free, vegan-friendly and all that good stuff. Founded by 4th year Kwantlen marketing practicum students in Vancouver, our focus is on healthy, organic, wholesome, “better-for-you” prepackaged teas, beverages and snacks for quick-food solutions. Their products are sourced from Canadian suppliers, particularly from Vancouver to support local businesses in the industry with the same values and vision as Infinitea & Beyond” (infinitea&beyond).


Infinitea & Beyond’s vision is to “provide consumers healthy tea and snack solutions for a happier, healthier life” (infinitea&beyond).

Mission Statement

Infinitea & Beyond’s mission is to “promote healthy lifestyles by selling premium teas, beverages, and snacks that are supplied locally and made from organic and natural ingredients. We will provide the highest quality and excellent value and service to our customers” (infinitea&beyond).


Short Term              (1 – 3 months)

  • To create engaging and meaningful posts
  • To increase their social presence with additional digital platforms
  • To integrate Hootsuite to manage all platforms efficiently
  • To increase their Twitter followers by 50% from 169 to 250 followers.
  • To increase their Facebook likes by 50% from 369 to 550 likes.
  • To create a blog about their products, promotions, and recipes
  • To encourage other bloggers to write about their products
  • To develop a large enough user base on their website through integrated links to generate advertising revenue
  • To develop an Integrate Digital Media Analysis Tool to measure their online brand in the market

Medium Term         (3 – 6 months)

Long Term               (6 – 12 months)


Official Webpage


Infinitea & Beyond has an effective website that is user friendly and organized in a way that is easy to navigate.  The page is heavy in graphics and offers product captions for consumers to view.  The site is also E-commerce capable with a checkout and shopping cart for interested buyers.  The webpage also has a contest to engage consumers.  The page is linked with their two social media platforms, Facebook and Twitter through logo links at the bottom of their page.

Google Adwords
With a single campaign budget of $3.33 per day, Infinitea carefully selected 23 keywords over a 7-week period.  Upon reviewing the keyword results via Google Analytics the team found that there were certain keywords that gained a large number of clicks, but had an average cost per click considerably higher than other words, which had a slightly lower number of clicks. For example, the keyword “chocolate” cost $2.62 per click, however the keyword “chocolate in Vancouver”, had a significantly lower amount of impressions, but a per click charge of only 63 cents. The final number of clicks the ad words received was 78, and the number of impressions made through user searches was 15,000.  The result is a total click through rate of .49%. The key phrase that resulted in the highest click through rate was “where to buy tea” at 1.10%, as a result of being a specific phrase, but with this came a price of $1.38 per click.

Facebook Account


Infinitea & Beyond’s Facebook campaign reach was, 28,686 people, with a social reach of 7,040 according to Facebook Insights. Each person targeted for this advertisement was exposed to the website an average of 5 times, this resulted in a total of 63 clicks on the advertisement. The click through rate was .05%

Infinitea & Beyond’s Facebook page has been “liked” by 53% women, which were mainly between the ages of 18-24; which represents the organizations pre-determined target market. Setting the advertisements to capture only consumers aged 18+ Infinitea intended to build an audience with purchasing power, and thus there are no users under the age of 18 who liked the page.



Twitter Account


Infinitea and Beyond’s Twitter account currently has 167 followers with 186 Tweets. The company attributes their Twitter following to geo-targeting specific followers tweeting about tea and healthy eating within a certain radius of the Greater Vancouver District Area. The geo-targeted Tweets generated conversations with Twitter users while promoting company products, and offering a link to their website.



Social Media Promotional Contest

Infinitea & Beyond decided to partner up with local businesses Westcoast Hot Yoga and Nail FX Studio to giveaway a gift package valued at $180. The winner would receive:

  • A guest pass and four friendship passes for a 60-minute hot yoga session at Westcoast Hot Yoga’s Yaletown studio ($80 value),
  • A Shellac manicure and full service pedicure at Nail FX studio ($70 value),
  • A My Therapy Bar Chocolate Gift Set and Granola Girl bag from Infinitea & Beyond ($30 value).


The one-week contest we created was called “Relax, Pamper, & Indulge!” and in order for a participant to enter the contest and win prizes, she or he had to:


  • Go to Westcoast Hot Yoga’s Facebook Page and “Like” the contest post
  • Like WestCoast Hot Yoga’s Facebook Page
  • Like Infinitea & Beyond’s Facebook Page
  • Like Nail FX Studio’s Facebook Page
  • Share the contest post on Westcoast Hot Yoga’s page for an additional +1 entry


The strategic objective of creating a contest landing page was to drive more new users to our site via the promotional contest. The number of people clicking on the contest’s landing page was tracked by using a Bitly link. Bitly is a URL shortening service that is often used in tweets and blogging because it make a URL have less characters. This contest was promoted on their Facebook page, Twitter account, and at events. The results of this campaign were:


  • 108 clicks to their contest via Bitly that directed to their webpage.
  • An increase of 22 new Likes in the week of the contest,
  • 32 participants entered the contest
  • 7 people shared the contest on their personal Facebook pages.

Public Relations

Infinitea & Beyond was featured on Vancity Buzz, a popular Vancouver lifestyle blog. In August 2012, Vancity Buzz received 675,000 page views, 225,000 unique visitors. They also have over 30,000 Twitter followers and 13,000 Facebook fans that were connected to this post.


The blog post featured Infinitea & Beyond’s company background as a new business created by marketing students, specific product descriptions, shipping and pick-up details and contact information including our website, our email, Facebook Page, and Twitter handle. Furthermore, Infinitea & Beyond offered Vancity Buzz readers who read the blog post a 10% discount coupon code valid for 3 days (INBXVCB10).



           Tetley Tea

Tetley tea represents an international brand, and an excellent industry benchmark for infinitea&beyond.  Tetley Tea is a “wholly owned subsidiary of Tata Global Beverages” and is the “world’s second largest manufacturer and distributor of tea.  Tetley’s manufacturing and distribution business is spread across 40 countries and sells over 60 branded tea bags.  It is the largest tea company in the United Kingdom and Canada and the second largest in the United States by volume” (Tetley Tea). 

Tetley has three digital platforms; Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter.  Their Facebook page has 50,039 likes while their YouTube page has 556 subscribers and 1,236,452 video views. Their Twitter account is an American site which has 2,580 followers.


        Red Rose Tea

Red Rose Tea is an international tea competitor that has a rich history.  Red Rose Tea is a “beverage company established by Theodore Harding Estabrooks in 1894 in Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada.  Initially, Red Rose was sold mainly in the Atlantic Provinces of Canada, but soon distribution expanded into other parts of Canada and into the United States beginning in the 1920s. Red Rose contains high-grown black teas from Sri Lanka, Kenya, India and Indonesia” (Red Rose Tea).

Red Rose has three digital platforms; Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.  Their Facebook page has 15,439 likes while their Twitter account has 682 followers. Their YouTube account on the other hand has only 56 subscribers and 2,405 video views.

                            The Granville Island Tea Company

Granville Island Tea Company represents another local competitor in the Lower Mainland niche tea market.  Granville Island Tea Company can be found “inside the public market on Granville Island. A small store with a large appetite for satisfying customers Granville Island Tea Co. is rarely found without lineups of customers pouring over the menus of up to 150 teas and enjoying the company of the regulars which really sets this shop apart.  The tea is varied and plentiful from Lover’s Leap High Mountain Ceylon right down to Hawaiian Rooibos from South Africa” (Granville Island Tea Co.).  In terms of social media presence, the company only has a Facebook page which has 81 likes.

                        Bayswater Tea Company

Bayswater Tea Company is a local competitor of Infinitea & Beyond in the niche tea market.  Bayswater Tea Company “offers more than 200 different types of tea. Black tea, white tea, green tea, rooibos – it’s all here.  The store also offers a number of healthy teas which include yerba mate, which comes from South America, and is rich in vitamins and minerals and is known for its pick-me-up qualities” (Bayswater Tea Company).  Bayswater Tea Company only has a Facebbok page which has 67 likes.

             Salt Spring Tea Company

The Salt Spring Tea Company represents a local competitor which is more realistic for Infinitea & Beyond in terms of operation size.  The Salt Spring Tea “originated approximately 20 years ago on Salt Spring Island, BC, Canada, and was developed by local artisans” (Salt Spring Tea Company).  Salt Spring Tea currently has no social media platforms, while their webpage is basic and un-engaging.



Short Term (1-3 months)




With over 4 billion video’s being viewed worldwide per day on YouTube[1], Infinitea & Beyond cannot afford to over look the cost-free opportunity to market their products to this mass user population. Furthermore the high user engagement levels result in a drastically improved consumer recall rate. Considering these two factors our digital marketing consulting group strongly recommend the development of Infinitea & beyond – ‘Infinitea Recipes’ YouTube videos in the short-term (1-3 months), with the intent of increasing brand awareness and product consumption.   


Because they have a variety of products such as chocolate and granola that are staples for many tasty treats creating a variety of recipes that incorporate their products should be an easy task.





Steadily increasing their pageviews, Pinterest has emerged as one of the fastest growing social media sites in the world. As of July 2012 Pinterest has quietly acquired roughly 23 million unique visitors per month.




Furthermore, studies show that 97 percent of fans on the Pinterest Facebook Page are women.[2] In addition  27.4% of the Pinterest population is between 25-34 years old, essentially the definition of Infinitea & Beyond’s target market. This population of Infinitea & Beyond’s target demographic makes this potential partnership a perfect match; at no cost to the organization our group strongly recommends that Infintea & beyond create an active pinterest account in the short-term (1-3 months).




With a limited human labour force it is imperative that Infinitea & Beyond maximize its operating efficiency, particularly in regards to their social media campaigns. Having recommended the previous additional social media platforms our consulting group also strongly recommend the organization use HootSuite.com. This social media dashboard allows the user to conveniently view and update all social media platforms from one location. Drastically improving the efficiency of time spent on digital media campaigns while ensuring a consistent message across all platforms. With no cost to the user we recommend Infinitea & Beyond implement the use of HootSuite in the short-term (1-3 months)



Medium Term (3-6 months)





With an online community of over 25 million people worldwide, foursquare is another rapidly growing social media platform. Focused on providing businesses with the tools to engage customers and fans foursquare is a cutting edge social media platform that Infinitea & Beyond could take advantage of in drawing potential customers to promotional events. Furthermore the organization could hold these events at various locations over a shot to medium term time frame (3-6 months). Although the foursquare account is free of charge, promotional events carry a monetary cost from anywhere between $200-$1500 (print materials, information stand, employee compensation) with a time commitment of at least 8  hours.




WordPress Blog


In the medium term (3-6 months) our digital marketing consulting group recommends that Infinitea & Beyond create a company blog. Employing the services of wordpress.com this organization could use this additional platform to interact with customers on a more in depth level. Furthermore this blog would serve as a discussion platform and ‘Q & A’ source for consumers. Our group feels that invaluable customer information and opinions could be gathered from this platform and increased customer loyalty would result.



Long-Term Action Plan                          (12 months)


Analyzing Effectiveness

In the long term Infinitea & Beyond will need to ensure they are continually adapting to the changing digital media world. In order to ensure the campaigns they are running are effective they should be using analytics and ratings tools such as; Google Analytics, Klout, and Social Mention.

Maximizing Twitter

We also recommend that Infinitea & Beyond look to maximize their Twitter by actively searching for tea drinkers. They can to this by using the search to find people who have mentioned tea or key words that could be associated with tea. Once located these Twitter users can be directly targeted by Infinitea & Beyond via a direct Tweet.

In addition a rewards program could be created. We recommend that for each time someone purchases a product if they tweet about it, it then counts as a point on their stamp card. Once they have reached 10 points then they can get a selected Infinitea & Beyond product for free. This program will help encourage customers to return and it will also help to spread brand awareness. The cost of this would be free since Infinitea & Beyond can re-use the free samples they get from suppliers as their promotional products.


No financial investment required to launch new social media platforms. However there is the opportunity cost of time.  In regards to opportunity costs of time, an estimate of approximately 5-6 hours a week should suffice for the implementation of this plan.


The short-term spans from January 2013 to March 2013

  • Launch additional social platforms on
    • Pinterest
    • YouTube
    • Effectivly manage the social media platforms
      • Hootsuite


The medium-term spans from April 2013 to June 2013

  • Start a blog to communicate with consumers
    • WordPress
    • Maximize presence at community events
      • Foursquare

The long-term spans from July 2013 December 2013

  • Continue to adapt to digital changes in the marketplace.
  • Use free analytic tools to measure the effectiveness of the implemented changes.
  • Maximize the use of Twitter


There should be no additional personnel required to accomplish these digital media goals.  With the practicum completing in December 2013, the co-founders should have additional time to manage these accounts through Hoosuite while occasionally posting blogs.


There is the risk that these accounts are mismanaged and dilute the Infinitea & Beyond brand.  It is important to maintain these accounts so users don’t feel like the pages are being abandoned or irrelevant.   


The company should be able to benefit from an expanded and integrated social media presence.  Currently other competitors in the industry have a limited digital presence.  Infinitea & Beyond should be able to capitalize on this opportunity in the industry by creating a strong and consistent digital media presence with new platforms like Foursquare and Pinterest while integrating them with Hootsuite.


There shouldn’t be any real organizational changes required to implement this social media plan.  The organization should be able to operate at its current size with the additional changes proposed in this plan.






To conclude a comprehensive plan has been created that will certainly allow Infinitea & Beyond to expand their digital media reach and ultimately increase their sales. Careful research and analysis was conducted that lead to a one year action plan that has been broken down into segments to make it easy for Infinitea & Beyond to implement. The action plan was as follows:

January 2013 to March 2013

  • Launch additional social platforms on
    • Pinterest
    • YouTube
    • Effectivly manage the social media platforms
      • Hootsuite


April 2013 to June 2013

  • Start a blog to communicate with consumers
    • WordPress
    • Maximize presence at community events
      • Foursquare

July 2013 December 2013

  • Continue to adapt to digital changes in the marketplace.
  • Use free analytic tools to measure the effectiveness of the implemented changes.
  • Maximize the use of Twitter

Ultimately this action plan will help Infinitea & Beyond continue their company beyond the BBA in Marketing Management practicum.








Bennett. S Social Media Statistics and Facts Retrieved December 9th 2012 from:


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Desai. S Online Business Results Report Infinitea & Beyond November 28th 2012

Infinitea & Beyond About Infinitea & Beyond Retrieved December 9th 2012 from: http://www.infiniteabeyond.com/



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